Central Valley Glass and Screen offers XtraFoam™MB and a Premium Foam Gun applicator:


XtraFoam™MB is multi-purpose, one component, industrial grade foam product. The product is ideal for subfloor, marble, drywall, insulation panel and metal applications where a high bonding strength is required. Its unique chemistry ensures extremely low post-expansion, while adhering well to all building materials such as wood, concrete, brick, marble, granite – even when applied in cold temperatures.

XtraFoam™MB is the product of choice for professionals who need a product that can deliver highly durable adhesion, thus minimizing the need for nails or screws.

  • Excellent Adhesion to Various Substrates
  • For Professional Gun Applications
  • Cold Temperature Application
  • Low Expansion Formula
  • Low Post Expansion
  • Excellent Stability
  • High Bond

Premium Foam Gun

Premier’s Foam Applicator Gun allows gun grade expanding foam to be applied cleanly and precisely. The foam gun has an adjustable control nozzle to control the flow of foam. The gun is made with heavy duty aluminum bodied PU foam gun with stainless steel nozzle and Teflon coating for easy cleaning.

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