XtraFlash™ Membrane Flashing 

XtraFlash™ Membrane Flashing is an aggressive self-adhered waterproof flashing membrane that is self-sealing, available in both 24mil and 40 mil thicknesses. The product is engineered for use with windows, doors, building seams – as well as waterproofing pot shelves, recessed windows and other waterproofing tasks. Its advanced butyl / rubberized asphalt compound adheres to plywood, OSB, masonry, aluminum, vinyl, steel, foam, drywall, and house wraps – while allowing installations at temperatures as low as 25°F.

  • Self- Sealing Around Fasteners
  • Aggressive Adhesion to Standard Building Materials
  • UV Resistant Up to 180 days
  • Fast & Flexible Installation
  • Will not De-Laminate or Shrink
  • Resist Cracking
  • Compatible  with Premier Building Solutions sealants
  • 25 mil and 40 mil thickness
  • Available in standard 4″, 6″, 9″ and 12″ X 75′ sizes
  • 18″ and 36″ available by request
  • Approved per usage per ASTM 2112 – 08 and AAMA 711-01
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